Smartwheels UK

In keeping with the companies policy of “responding to demand by innovation” in 2002, in response to many such demands, Smartwheels UK Limited was formed to provide a cleaning service catering for various items and machine parts.

Powerclean UK - high pressure water jetting The major demand on this relatively new venture is the cleaning of wheels of all sizes ranging from motor cycles to large agricultural machinery. Such diversity is made possible by our bespoke blasting bays which utilize either aluminium oxide or steel shot and the finish of all items by glass bead polishing.

Powerclean UK - high pressure water jettingThe bespoke nature of their plant and service allows them to accommodate almost any item ranging from machinery, plant, industrial gates, radiators and lampposts etc. Most items can then, on request, be primed, undercoated, and, if required, finished by the application of either gloss or matt high quality paint by staff who are all fully trained in, and conversant with, all aspects of this service.

Smartwheels UK Limited has also recently fulfilled a major contract for the supply, etching and finishing of all sign work for a nationally recognized university.

Should you require further details of our comprehensive service, which we are confident will exceed your expectations, please email us: enquiries(at)powerclean-uk(dot)co(dot)uk.

“Safety our Priority, Excellence our Commitment”