Powerclean UK

Powerclean UK - high pressure water jettingPowerclean UK Limited, has unrivalled experience in the preparation and use of protective coatings for steel surfaces and in the safe use of steam cleaning and ultra high pressure water jetting equipment at pressures ranging from 250 up to 3000 bar.

This range of pressures assures our customers of excellent results in applications such as tank, plant and equipment cleaning, industrial drainage clearance, the cleaning of small bore pipe work, scrubber fan blades and boiler tubes and more general cleaning of pathways and traffic areas.

Industrial high pressure water jetting, cleaning.

Powerclean UK also carries out “onsite” abrasive blasting process, typically on structural steelwork, silos, hoppers and heavy duty flooring prior to the application of protective coatings.

For further details of our comprehensive service, please email us: enquiries(at)powerclean-uk(dot)co(dot)uk.

“Safety our Priority, Excellence our Commitment”